Friday, 1 February 2013

Photonic Heath: Vegetarians have healthier hearts

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A few days ago the horse meat scandal began rocking the food industry in the UK. It is becoming clear that that more and more so-called beef burger retailers (Burger King the latest) have sold beef with suspiciously high levels of horse meat. This is likely to have been a long term practice in the industry, probably over at least for ten years or more, and not the isolated incident first reported at Tesco.

To add pork to the pie, new reports indicate pork has been present in Halal meat served in prisons in the UK. This is uncomfortable reading.

I believe this is not an issue about the quality of meat itself  but whether our food production industry can be trusted to behave ethically. The evidence suggests not!

As a vegetarian for most of my life, I live and let live, with no ties with any Vegetarian group. A lot of my friends eat meat. As far as I have heard the vegetarian lobby has been very quiet on this issue. They seem to know they can lead the horse to water but they must let us all make your own mind up about our diet. The problem is we don't know what we are eating. This surely is a wake up call for us all to take a moral responsibility for what we do consume.

meat eating: I don't want to know!
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I raise this again because a long term and well-researched study of the University of Oxford now has shown that a vegetarian diet leads to about a thirty percent reduction in heart disease compared to a meat diet. 

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It is in line with earlier studies.

The trial involved 45,000 adults, one-third of them vegetarians, for an average of 11.5 years.
"Probably most of the difference is accounted for by the fact that the vegetarians had lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure,"  according to Francesca Crowe, one of the authors of the trial, who is a nutritional epidemiologist from Oxford.
The Oxford study was funded by Cancer Research UK and conducted by the University's Cancer Epidemiology Unit.

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